2014 Syrah

Our inaugural vintage at William Marie Wines is our 2014 Syrah. The Syrah was sourced from a single vineyard in Washington's Walla Walla Valley, named Mc B Vineyard. The 2014 growing season was monumental in the state of Washington both in terms of quality and quantity. A warm and lengthy summer allowed for perfect ripening of fruit, which resulted in record quantities of over 230,000 tons statewide.

As of July, 2015, the Syrah has been in a twice used French Oak barrel and will remain resting for a total of 16-18 months until maturity. Once ready, we will bottle an estimated 25-30 cases, and plan to release the wine to family and friends around May of 2016.

UPDATE: Our first ever wine-making adventure is in the books! First, a small 2 case bottling was done just before Christmas 2015 to bring home to Arizona and shared with family and friends. Then on May 1st, 2016, after 18 months in barrel, the 2014 Syrah was bottled by hand in our home. With the help of Shawn and Jennifer, we racked the single barrel into four beer kegs for transporting the juice from the garage to the kitchen counter. From there is was an assembly line of bottling, to hand corking, to hand labeling, totaling 24 cases. As of August, it is GONE!  (I have a few more bottles I'm willing to share from the library if anyone asks!)